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Luka Doncic Destroys Patrick Beverley Again: 'Too F****** Little'


Luka Doncic has become a bully for the Los Angeles Clippers, dominating the Californians in the first two games of their first-round series. 

The Slovenian player has been on a tear in the past couple of games. He is a man on a mission, trying to get revenge for the Dallas Mavericks' defeat last season at this same stage. 

Apparently, Patrick Beverley has become his favorite victim, and Luka doesn't hesitate to taunt the point guard whenever he goes at it with him. In Game 1 of the series, he had called Bev 'too f***ing small'. Well, that continued in Game 2, with Doncic repeating the same thing. 

As he drove to Bev, Luka scored and yelled, 'too f***ing little'. The 22-year-old is playing at a high level and the Clippers don't find the way to stop him. 

Dallas is now leading the series 2-0, and Tyronn Lue's team doesn't seem able to stop the Slovenian. He has become a problem, scoring 31 and 39 points in Game 1 and 2, respectively. 

Luka is not only dominating them with his game but his trash talking. He's feeling himself and the Clippers will need to do something fast before it's too late for them. The series is moving to Dallas now and going 3-0 against the Mavs will be fatal.