Luka Doncic On Stephen Curry: “He's Shooting Way Better Than Me. He's A Better Player. Everybody Wants To Play Like Him.“

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(Credit: Fadeaway World)

(Credit: Fadeaway World)

Luka Doncic has taken the league for assault since the start of the season, so obviously, he's drawing a lot of comparisons with some other legends of the game.

Recently, Steve Kerr compared him to Stephen Curry, not just because of the way he impacts the game and alters opposing defenses, but because of the fact that he always seems to be enjoying and having a good time on the court:

“Playing with a smile on your face is something relatively unique. Most players are locked in and pretty serious. I watched Luka the other night against San Antonio, his first game back, he was out there smiling and laughing. It is similar to Steph and I think fans love that, being able to see players enjoy themselves,” Kerr said, as per our previous report.

However, when asked about the comparisons with Stephen Curry, Doncic was quite humbled and played them down as he feels as if he's not in the same category with Steph just yet:

"He's shooting way better than me. He's a better player. He's been in the league a long time, he's somebody that everybody looks up [to], everybody wants to play like him. I remember last year after the draft, I practiced once with him, and it was crazy. He couldn't miss. He can't miss. And that was like something I'll always remember -- practice with him," Doncic said, as quoted by ESPN.

Doncic is on the verge of a historic sophomore season and is already the first player in NBA history to record multiple 30-point triple-doubles while playing 30 minutes or less.

Like Curry, he's embarrassing opposing defenders with his crafty moves and his shooting, but it's time to just let him be and grow as a player, so let's stop comparing him to every star that comes to mind.