Luka Doncic On What He’s Achieved In The Playoffs: "Nothing Yet. We’ve Been In The Playoffs Twice Since I've Been There. We Lost Both Times, So Nothing Yet. You Get Paid To Win, And We Didn't Do It."

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Luka Doncic and his Dallas Mavericks were eliminated from playoffs contention on Sunday night at the hands of the Los Angeles Clippers. Even after going for 46 points, the young guard couldn't lead the Mavs to the promised land. 

He was on a solo mission against the Clippers, making things hard for the Texans team. In the end, he earned a lot of respect around the league, but his team didn't reach the goal. 

Luka keeps having impressive performances on the court. Still, he's unhappy knowing that he's been eliminated twice by the same rival in the first round of the postseason. After the game, Luka was asked what he had proven in the playoffs.

"I mean, nothing yet," Doncic said. "We made the playoffs twice since I've been here. We lost both times. At the end, you get paid to win. We didn't do it."

The Mavs were close to eliminating the Clippers. They even went to Dallas with a 2-0 advantage before the Clips took over and tied the series. After that, they were 3-2 up, but Los Angeles repeated the dose, beating them twice to win this series.

Luka has a bright future, no doubt about it. However, if the team's front office doesn't put the best pieces around him, the situation won't improve for the player and the franchise. He's angry to demonstrate he can dominate and take his team to the top of the league. Still, in this league, you need a legit sidekick to compete for the title.