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Luka Doncic Reveals Chris Paul Asked Him ‘Did I Push You That Hard?’ After A Foul: “No But It Was A Smart Play.”

Chris Paul Luka Doncic

Luka Doncic and the Dallas Mavericks picked up an all-important win last night, beating the Phoenix Suns to tie up their playoff series at 2-2. 

Doncic was absolutely sensational on the night, leading the charge for the Mavericks as they pulled back in the series. Luka and the Mavs will travel to Phoenix for Game 5 this week, where Chris Paul will hope to have a better game and not foul out as he did in Game 4.

One of the fouls, as Luka Doncic revealed, was a very crafty play. Luka Doncic revealed that Chris Paul, who got called for a foul in the closing seconds of the first half, asked Luka Doncic whether he had pushed him too hard. 

Doncic coyly responded to Paul that he didn't but he made a smart play to be able to draw the foul from him (1:21 onwards).

Luka Doncic clearly knew that he was able to draw enough contract from Paul to get the foul call. 

This foul would end up having significant ramifications on Paul and the Suns, as CP3 was ejected from the game for fouling out, and the Suns would lose without the Point God on the court. Devin Booker slammed the referees for their officiating after the game.

But it was a bad night for CP3 even away from the court. A fan in Dallas pushed his wife and put hands on his mother who was sitting in the stands. Paul was understandably livid and expressed his anger and frustration over the incident after the game.

Chris Paul and the Suns were lambasted by fans for their performance, with Paul becoming a specific target for his numbers. Chris Paul actually had more fouls than points, fouling out of the game after putting up just 5 points. 

The Suns cannot risk letting the Mavericks catch fire again, as they could end up getting eliminated.