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Luka Doncic Says Winning A Championship Is His No. 1 Priority, Not Records: “The Subject Of Records Is Not Something That Obsesses Or Attracts Me. What I Seek Is To Win.”

Luka Doncic

Luka Doncic has already established himself as one of the best players in the NBA aged just 23. In his short career, Luka has already managed to put up numbers that very few in the history of the game can match, and provided he sticks around for a long time; he is going to end up breaking numerous NBA records.

Doncic, however, recently said in an interview that setting records is not something that interests him, as the priority is winning championships. 

Via Eurohoops:

When asked about the rate he’s setting new records, Doncic once again mentioned that this is something he’s not that occupied with in comparison with winning. “The subject of records is not something that obsesses or attracts me. What I seek is to win.”

That is definitely the right mindset to have, and it's great to hear Doncic say that. He also added in that interview that his goal is to win in Dallas, and if that is to happen, then the top brass at the Mavericks need to up their game. The front office made a massive blunder by not offering Jalen Brunson an extension last summer, and they suffered the consequences of it, as some excellent postseason performances led to Brunson landing a massive deal upwards of $100 million with the Knicks.

They have made some good additions in Christian Wood and JaVale McGee, but the team is still nowhere near good enough to seriously compete for a title. They're too reliant on Luka, and there is only so far he alone can take them. We saw that in the Western Conference Finals when the Warriors just overwhelmed them, and that is just going to keep happening with the group they have right now. Luka also expressed his dissatisfaction with how free agency had panned out so far, as he hoped the team would make more additions. 

We would all love to see Doncic play out his entire career with the Mavs and win a title with them as Dirk Nowitzki did, but that's a lot easier said than done. We know he'll keep up his end of the deal to make that happen, and it's up to the front office to keep their end of it.