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Luke Walton Describes What Happened The Moment He Found Out LeBron Was A Laker


It's easy for the fans and media to get excited about a LeBron James decision. And to join a franchise like the Lakers, it only served to heighten our sheer exhubilation.

But you ever wonder what it was like for Laker head coach Luke Walton the moment he found out that the best player in the world just joined his team?

Here's what he said to ESPN'sRamona Shelburne on that incredible moment:

"I sat under the stars and said to myself, 'Damn, we got LeBron James on our team. 'The best player in the world is a Laker.'"

For Luke Walton, he knows everything changes from here. The Lakers are relevant again, and the attention will come in droves.

"It's gonna be completely nuts, but it's also gonna be awesome," Walton said. "The whole city's gonna be behind us. We're gonna be on SportsCenter every night. If we lose, it's gonna be the end of the world. If we win, it's gonna be wild. But no matter what, it's gonna be fun."

But, regardless of how much pressure there is, Walton is no doubt ready for whatever comes next. He's excited about the next chapter, and it all started under the stars that faithful night.