Luke Walton ‘Fully Expects’ To Coach The L.A. Lakers In 2019-20 Season

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Luke Walton

Basically, everyone has assumed Luke Walton will be replaced this summer. For good reason, too. The Lakers had a massively disappointing season, coupled by awkward on-court chemistry, injuries, and trade rumors that tore the locker room apart.

Walton may not be the most to blame, but he will definitely be the first, at least, in a lot of people's minds.

Despite this overwhelming assumption, Walton himself seemed pretty confident he will be coaching the Lakers next season.

“I fully expect to be coaching this team again next year,” he told The Athletic.

Walton is certainly not the best candidate for this Lakers coaching job, but to say their downfall has been entirely his fault is unfair. Magic was the guy who assembled a weak roster, LeBron was the one who displayed poor leadership all year long.

Still, Luke was never a part of this regime. As the final relic of the Kupchak era, he was always the odd man out. It seems the team was just waiting for an excuse to fire him... and they've got one now.