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Luke Walton Praises Los Angeles Clippers: "This Clippers Team, This Is A Very Elite Team. A Championship-Contending, Grown-Man All-Star, MVP."

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Luke Walton had nothing but good things to say about the Los Angeles Clippers and their players ahead of their Wednesday matchup with Tyronn Lue's team. The Clips struggled to find their touch at the beginning of the season but now they're a well-oiled machine ready to make some noise and forget what they did last season.

They are having a great moment right now and Walton certainly knew what was coming before his team played the talented Clippers. In the end, Los Angeles won 115-96, but according to Walton's words before the game, that wasn't a bad result for Sacramento.

“This Clipper team, this is a very elite team. A championship-contending, grown-man All-Star, MVP,” Walton said pregame. ""I'll settle for anything under 120 for now." On the Kings' defensive goals."

Well, they did hold the Clippers under 120 points, even though they didn't get the win. Kawhi Leonard showed the way with 32 points while Paul George added 19 with 12 assists and 7 rebounds. With this result, the Clippers are co-leaders of the Western Conference, tied with crosstown rivals Lakers, both with 11-4 records.

This team is ready to do big things this season and the fact that they aren't been as observed as they were last season can help them. Right now the Lakers, Sixers and Nets are getting all the attention in the league and that can be very helpful for the Clips.

After last season's fiasco, they are ready to change the narrative around them and play in the Finals for the first time in franchise history. Given their current level, that possibility is very likely.