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Macolm Brogdon Becomes The Latest Player To Test Positive For COVID-19

Malcolm Brogdon

(via USA Today)

At this point, it's not exactly breaking news when a player (or anyone else for that matter) tests positive for coronavirus. But, amid the NBA's bid to continue the season, the entire community is keeping close tabs on how many and which players get diagnosed with COVID-19.

Yesterday, it was revealed that Nikola Jokic was infected. Today? Indiana's Malcolm Brogdon has become the latest name to surface in connection to a positive COVID diagnosis.

Again, the NBA was expecting a lot of positive results as more players got tested -- but as more players come back positive, the doubt surrounding the return of the season continues to rise.

Multiple people have already elected to sit out the season to preserve their own health and safety. As cases rise in the NBA (and in Orlando) one has to wonder when it will be too much.

The good news is, no player who has gotten it so far has gotten very sick -- a lot of players have actually been showing no symptoms at all. Regardless, it's important to remember that the threat of COVID-19 is still active in the league and around the world today.

Caution should be emphasized -- especially in these times.