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NBA Rumors: Celtics Have 'Best Offer' For Andre Iguodala



Andre Iguodala still has a lot left to give in the NBA. But, unfortunately for him, he is trapped in Memphis until a team either musters up enough of a package to trade for him or they finally agree to release him.

In regards to the former, one franchise, in particular, may have the necessary pieces to get it done: the Boston Celtics.

(via Metro USA)

“The Celtics could offer the best package, and the Grizzlies would love to get their own first round pick back from Boston. But it’s unlikely that Danny Ainge would part with that valuable asset in order to add someone who will be 36 years old this coming January. Part of the reason the Celtics were so dysfunctional last season was that they had too many mouths to feed. They were too deep. If the Celtics were to make a move for a veteran like Iguodala, they would be trading players, not picks.”

3x NBA Champion Andre Iguodala knows a thing or two about success in the NBA. In his tenure with the Warriors, he was a staple in their offensive and defensive schemes.

But after being traded to the Grizzlies to make room for D'Angelo Russell, the 15-year veteran is set to start a new chapter of his illustrious career. What his new role will look like, however, is a matter that remains to be seen.