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Magic Johnson Explains The Similarities Between Him, Larry Bird And LeBron James

Fadeaway World

Fadeaway World

Los Angeles Lakers legend Magic Johnson made an appearance on ESPN’s ‘First Take’ to discuss the season the Lakers were having before the league made the decision to suspend the season amid the coronavirus outbreak.

There is no doubt that the Purple and Gold were in a good place to compete for the NBA title and they looked like the strongest team in the league at the time. Magic talked about the great moment of the team and how this hiatus is affecting the team.

“It’s going definitely to affect them more because they were playing so well, they were on top of their game in the offensive side and the defensive side, and then, a guy like LeBron -- I mean, this is one of his best seasons ever, dominating the league. When you’re playing well, you wanna keep playing, you don’t want a break and so it’s going to affect him, like Milwaukee, the Greek Freak, it’s going to affect him, too. You want as soon as possible for the league to get back.”

Furthermore, he compared the King to himself and another big legend, Larry Bird, describing the similarities between their games.

"Lebron is just like Larry and myself, and he is so unbelievable when he's coming down the court, his head is up, he's always willing to make the pass to make his teammates better, but also two, he can go down the middle and dunk on you."

Magic is right with his claims. One of the biggest reasons why LeBron is that great is his ability to make the players around him better. It happened in Cleveland, Miami and now with the Lakers. James knows how to maximize his teammate and that’s why he made 8 straight trips to the NBA Finals.

He’s planning to do the same with the Lakers this season and given the results they were having before the suspension, they looked like the biggest candidate to take it all this campaign. However, we’ll have to wait and see if the league returns this year amid the coronavirus pandemic.