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Magic Johnson "Loves" The Look Of KD In A Laker Jersey


The Lakers hit a homerun with the signing of LeBron James last summer.

Could they hit another one with Kevin Durant this one?

Lakers president Magic Johnson certainly likes the idea...

When looking at Kevin Durant in a photoshopped Lakers jersey, Johnson said, simply:

"I like that!"

While the possibility of KD going to the Lakers seems slim, there are a number of reasons why it could actually happen. For one, he'd get the chance to team up with LeBron James. Together, the two would be nearly unstoppable. Plus, KD would become the leader (bearing in mind LeBron's age), which means he would likely overtake LeBron as the #1 guy in the game.

Additionally, it would skyrocket KD's market value. In Los Angeles, the opportunity for earnings would dramatically increase... as would the members of his fanbase.

The only question would be whether or not the team could pull it off. They've got the cap space, they've got the lure, they've got the big market-city, and they've got a leader in Magic Johnson who is willing to do what it takes to get it done.