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Magic Johnson Picks LeBron James Over Kevin Durant In Last Shot Situations

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(via Blue Man Hoop)

(via Blue Man Hoop)

LeBron James vs. Kevin Durant has always been a debate. They are both forwards who can influence the game at every level. Both are multiple-time champions. They are widely considered as the top two players in the game, and comparisons would inevitably pop up.

There are plenty of ways to compare the two. For example, one can compare their different playstyles. Kevin Durant is the better scorer, while LeBron James is better at creating shots for his teammates. One of the people to weigh in on the debate between the two is NBA legend, Magic Johnson.

On an episode of The Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon posed a question to Johnson and asked which of the two he would pick for the last shot of the game (2 seconds on the clock), with the team down by 2 points. While Magic Johnson did mention that Kevin Durant is one of the best scorers ever for his position, he went with LeBron James due to James' winning pedigree.

Yikes! Oh, man. You know KD is a scorer and one of the greatest that we’ve ever seen at that position. But I got to ride the winner, too. I got to ride LeBron because he got more championships than KD.

LeBron James is known as a great playmaker for his teammates, but in crunch time situations, James can score with the best of them. It is hard to choose between the two, as both players have hit countless game-winners, and both have stepped up in the clutch in the past. While some people would pick Kevin Durant due to his scoring-oriented game, it seems as though Magic Johnson went with his fellow Laker in LeBron James.