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Magic Johnson Praises LeBron James For Incredible Performance In Win Against Warriors: "LeBron James Willed The Lakers To Victory Tonight..."

LeBron James Becomes The Only Player In NBA History With 30K Points, 10K Rebounds, And 10K Assists

The Los Angeles Lakers have managed to stop their 4-game losing streak by getting a win against the Golden State Warriors. This was a must-win game to prevent them from falling to the 10th seed, and the Lakers clearly rose to the challenge.

The Los Angeles Lakers ended up getting a 56 point performance from LeBron James, something that a lot of fans appreciated seeing. There is no doubt that LeBron James did what it took to win, and despite the fact that the Warriors led going into the 4th quarter, the Lakers managed to get the win.

LeBron James deserves a lot of praise for his performance, and he definitely got it from the Lakers fans. However, another person that praised him was Lakers legend Magic Johnson, who stated that LeBron James "willed" the Lakers to victory.

LeBron James willed the Lakers to victory tonight scoring 56 points and 10 rebounds!! He continues to overdeliver on a nightly basis and do things on the basketball court, at 37, we've never seen before!

Hopefully, this win can be the beginning of something new for the Los Angeles Lakers. They have been an inconsistent team all season, but today, they showed that they could compete against the very best in the Western Conference by beating the Warriors.

LeBron James has been playing at an insane level, but the Los Angeles Lakers haven't been winning as much as they should have, despite his individual excellence. Perhaps we'll see them change that over the last stretch of games before the play-in tournament.

If the standings stay as they are currently, the first game for the Los Angeles Lakers in the play-in tournament will be against the New Orleans Pelicans, who have been surging in the standings after the All-Star break. It will be interesting to see if LeBron James can hold off a young, up-and-coming team, and knowing his talent, he shouldn't be counted out.