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Magic Johnson Reacts To James Harden Trade, Says Lakers Will Still Be Champions

(via Stanford Graduate School of Business - Stanford University)

(via Stanford Graduate School of Business - Stanford University)

In the biggest trade of the year, James Harden was sent to the Brooklyn Nets in a huge, 4-team blockbuster trade deal.

Amid a flurry of reactions from the basketball world, former NBA superstar Magic Johnson was one of the most recent to react, citing special things to come for the team.

Despite that, he still has the Lakers winning it all this season and repeating as Champions.

“James Harden getting traded to the Brooklyn Nets to join KD and Kyrie will be special to watch… but I’m still picking the Lakers to win the Championship.”

The truth is, the league has never seen an offensive pairing as dominant as the 2021 Nets. With Kyrie Irving, Kevin Durant, and James Harden, the team has assembled a roster of three of the top five best scorers in the game.

Of course, it doesn't mean there aren't flaws. The Lakers should be the better team defensively, and it will also be hard to find the right chemistry between three iso-heavy ball handlers.

So, yes, Brooklyn has certainly built something special -- but their path to winning might not be as easy as some think.