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Magic Johnson Reveals What He Wants To See In The Next Lakers Head Coach: "The Most Important Thing To Me Is Accountability... I Want A Coach That's Going To Hold Everybody Accountable."

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Magic Johnson

The Los Angeles Lakers are currently in the process of hiring a new head coach. There's no doubt they have to get this step right if they are to become a championship-caliber team.

Lakers legend Magic Johnson was recently asked about what sort of person he wants to see coaching the Lakers. He claimed that "the most important thing" is "accountability" and added that he wants to see a coach that can "hold everybody" accountable. David Aldridge of The Athletic relayed the news:

I think that, to me, they’re showing you, right now. Probably besides Erik Spoelstra, all the other three that’s in the final four are ex-players. So, I think that says a lot about these young ex-players who command respect right away, who have done it before. I’m not saying it has to be an ex-player, but I’m saying you have to look at what’s going on. Most of the guys who are in the playoffs. But the most important thing to me is accountability. They must hold everybody, one through 15, accountable. And we got away from accountability. Guys never talked about that this season. It was always somebody else’s fault. I hated that. Never, ‘Hey, I played bad. Hey, It’s on me.’ So whether it’s an ex-player or not, but the trend is ex-players. But if not, I want a coach that’s going to hold everybody accountable. And, so, that’s what I would like to see.

The Los Angeles Lakers have already interviewed a number of candidates for their head coach position. Superstar LeBron James reportedly wants Bucks assistant coach Darvin Ham as the head coach of the Lakers.

It remains to be seen who the Los Angeles Lakers will ultimately hire as their next coach. Hopefully, that person can hold their players "accountable" like Magic Johnson suggested, and help the team get back to being in the playoffs.