Magic Johnson Reveals Why Milwaukee Bucks Won The Finals

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Magic Johnson Reveals Why Milwaukee Bucks Won The Finals

After a wild and unpredictable season, the Milwaukee Bucks stand as the 2021 NBA Champions.

Admittedly, it's not an outcome many saw coming. In years past, the Bucks struggled to prove themselves in the biggest moments. But now, they are the winners, and it has many reflecting on what made it all possible.

While many factors went into their title victory, Lakers legend Magic Johnson went into specifics about the team on Twitter, and how they were able to pull it off, coming up with four key reasons for their success:

The Milwaukee Bucks won for four reasons: 1) Giannis figured out how to beat the so called wall defense that had him confused before the playoffs 2) Coach Budenholzer got better in the playoffs and his in-game adjustments were superb. 3) The additions of Jrue Holiday, PJ Tucker, and Bobby Portis and 4) Kris Middleton became the closer.

In the past, the Bucks encountered obstacles they were unable to overcome. Whether it was the defensive "wall" their competitors built to slow down Giannis or the lack of adjustments by the team in general, they have gotten exposed in the postseason over the past few years, to teams like the Raptors (2019) and Heat (2020).

In 2021, however, we saw a new Bucks team. Giannis Antetokounmpo overcame some of his demons while the supporting cast (Jrue and Khris especially) stepped up to provide a major spark on the offensive end.

All things considered, Magic is pretty spot on in his analysis. The acquisition by Milwaukee coupled with adjustments from the coaching staff is what brought them a title. Of course, the leap taken by the 2x NBA MVP also played a pretty significant role.

Love it or hate it, they've earned their spot at the top of the basketball world.