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Magic Johnson Says Celtics Will Get Swept By Bucks If They Do Not Win Game 2

NBA Fans React To Milwaukee Bucks Dominating Boston Celtics In Game 1: "A Gentleman Sweep Out Of Respect For Tatum"

The Boston Celtics lost their Game 1 against the Milwaukee Bucks, even though they were on their home floor in Boston. After the Boston Celtics defeated the Brooklyn Nets, many expected them to compete for the championship, but it is clear that the Milwaukee Bucks are a much better team than the Brooklyn Nets team that the Boston Celtics beat in round 1.

Lakers legend Magic Johnson has recently claimed that if the Boston Celtics don't find a way to win Game 2, they will get swept by the Milwaukee Bucks. It makes sense that Magic Johnson would feel this way. If the Boston Celtics lose today, they will end up being down 0-2, with the next 2 games being on the Bucks' home court. 

If the Celtics don’t win this game tonight against the Bucks, the Bucks will sweep them.

Perhaps the Boston Celtics will be able to bounce back from their disappointing loss and win Game 2 at home. The Milwaukee Bucks are missing All-Star Khris Middleton for the series, so the Boston Celtics definitely have a chance of making this series competitive. With that being said, beating Giannis Antetokounmpo in a series won't be easy, and there's no doubt that he's playing like the best player in the world currently.

Celtics stars Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown didn't perform well in Game 1, and the Boston Celtics will need them at their best if they are to win Game 2. Hopefully, they are able to rise up to the challenge and lead the Boston Celtics to victory.

If the Boston Celtics are able to get out of this series, they have a solid chance of getting to the NBA Finals and potentially winning it all. They have a good amount of talent on the roster, and we'll see if they are able to finally get out of the Eastern Conference this year.