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Magic Johnson Says He Has No Regrets About Stepping Down From President Of Basketball Operations For The Lakers

(via SB Nation)

(via SB Nation)

Months after his infamous and sudden departure from the Lakers, Magic Johnson stepped in front of the cameras to explain his decision for the first time since leaving the team.

He explained the behind-the-scenes trash talk that went on during his tenure. Rob Pelinka, namely, was a guy who apparently backstabbed Magic despite technically working under him. As for Jeanie Buss, Johnson explained that she never gave him the power he desired, at first talking to folks in separate divisions of the organization, and then refusing to let Magic fire Luke Walton.

Despite an abrupt and unannounced choice to step down, Magic also reaffirmed that he has no regrets about the way he did things.

He made the decision for his own well-being. And even though he recognized that he respects LeBron for how he felt, he insisted he wouldn't change anything if given the opportunity to go back.

That statement is more than controversial, but it is too late now. As the Lakers prepare for an important summer, their downward trajectory is proving costly for the billion dollar franchise. Magic Johnson's exit was the latest example.