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Magic Johnson Says The Lakers Have The Smartest Team In The NBA


Despite being universally recognized as one of the greatest players of all time, Magic Johnson has become kind of infamous on social media.

He's often tweeting the obvious and his remarks on Twitter have been borderline hilarious more often than not. Even so, he clearly knows a thing or two about basketball.

That's why people should take notice when he talks about this Los Angeles Lakers roster, as he recently went as far as to say that they're the smartest team in the NBA:

"This Lakers team has a basketball IQ off the charts. No question...they are the smartest team in the NBA!" Tweeted Johnson.

Obviously, Magic's words about the Lakers will always be biased. He's a franchise legend and even worked for them until not so long ago.

Even so, he knows what he's talking about and that take isn't bold or far-fetched at all. It may even be a proven fact.

We're talking about a team that features LeBron James and Rajon Rondo, two of the smartest players of all time.

More than that Rob Pelinka made sure to fill the Lakers roster with plenty of veterans, guys who know what they're doing and that often make the right play. So yeah, they might as well be the smartest team in the league.

Their doubters say that having so many old players is going to take a toll on their chances to compete at the highest level but in reality, not many young teams have dominated the league either.

So, don't sleep on the Lakers or count them out just because of their age. Remember that the elders bring a lot of wisdom with them.