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Magic Johnson Still Believes In Draymond Green: "I'm Looking Forward To A Triple-Double..."

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Draymond Green Says He 'Won't Be Able To Live With Himself' If Warriors Lose NBA Finals: "I Can’t Let My Guys Down"

Draymond Green has been one of the key players for the Golden State Warriors this season. He is one of the best defensive players in the league and has elite passing ability for a forward.

Despite his ability, Draymond Green has notably struggled during the NBA Finals. He has fouled out twice during the series already and has struggled offensively as well. Notably, it was pointed out that Draymond Green currently has more fouls in the Finals than he does total points.

Even though he's having a tough time in the series, there's always a possibility that Draymond Green ends up bouncing back. Magic Johnson seems to believe that he will do that, claiming that he's "looking forward" to Draymond Green notching a triple-double in Game 5.

I’m looking forward to a triple-double from Draymond Green tomorrow!

The Golden State Warriors will notably be at home for Game 5, and there's no doubt that this means that the team will likely play better offensively. Hopefully, the Warriors being in Chase Center means Draymond Green will have an impactful performance, and perhaps we will see that triple-double that Magic Johnson expects from the star forward.

There is no doubt that the only way from here from Draymond Green is upwards. He is having some of the worst performances of his career in the 2022 NBA Finals, and it is highly unlikely that he'll be much worse. 

The Golden State Warriors will need what Draymond Green brings if they are to win this championship against the Boston Celtics. It is fair to say that the Celtics' scheme has mitigated some of the impact that Draymond Green has on the Warriors, and it is up to him to figure things out. Knowing his pedigree and experience, it is possible that we'll see Draymond Green have an amazing Game 5, and perhaps that will shut some of the haters up.