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Magic Johnson Warns The Lakers: "The Houston Rockets Are Not The Portland Trail Blazers."

(via The Dream Shake)

(via The Dream Shake)

Even after the loss in Game 1, optimism remains high that the Lakers will bounce back and continue their quest for a Championship. In the first round, this same Lakers team lost their first match against the 8-seeded Blazers before making the necessary adjustments and taking care of business in just five games.

Unfortunately, things don't necessarily work that way and if the Lakers don't come ready to play on Sunday, they could find out the hard way how dangerous this Rockets team really is.

Unlike Portland, Houston has a pesky, swarming defense to compliment their lethal offensive fire-power. To keep up, L.A. will have to start knocking down their shots, something the Rockets made pretty hard to do in Game 1.

On Twitter, Lakers legend Magic Johnson shared some of his thoughts on the game and warned his team not to take their current opponent lightly.

The Rockets had control of the game for most of its entirety and the Lakers looked defeated long before that final buzzer sounded.

It's not too late for the tide to change, and it's wise to give LeBron James the benefit of the doubt in these situations. But the Rockets are no joke and to beta them, L.A. will have to bring nothing short of their best.