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Malik Monk Claims He Has No Tattoos On His Right Arm Because Nick Young Said It's "Strictly For Buckets"

Malik Monk

In the NBA a lot of players have tattoos. Everyone gets tattoos for different reasons, and obviously, each tattoo someone gets has its own meaning. Some people even have tattoos all over their bodies. 

Malik Monk has an almost-full tattoo sleeve on his left arm, but he hasn't gotten any tattoos on his right arm. Monk recently revealed that the reason for that is something he heard Nick Young say when he was 17. Young reportedly stated that the right arm is "strictly for buckets", so Malik Monk followed his advice and ended up doing the same thing.

Malik Monk said he was 17 when he heard Nick Young said he only got tattoos on his left arm because his right arm, featuring his shooting hand, was “strictly for buckets,” and so Monk started doing the same thing. He almost has a full sleeve on his L arm but his R is off limits

Nick Young was a former Laker, and he was a solid shooting guard during his time in Los Angeles. Malik Monk has been a solid shooting guard in his own right this year with the Lakers, and he's done well in his role as a complementary scorer for the Lakers' superstars. Currently, Malik Monk is averaging 11.3 PPG while shooting 37.4% from beyond the arc. Most recently, Malik Monk scored 22 points against the Minnesota Timberwolves and was crucial to the Lakers winning the game.

The Los Angeles Lakers will hope for more good performances from Malik Monk in the future. Monk is averaging 20.0 PPG over his last 5 games, and perhaps he can be that floor spacer for the Lakers and score off of LeBron James' and Russell Westbrook's feeds. The Lakers are currently 19-19 and they have won their last two games. Some have claimed that they could easily put it together and go on a run. We'll see if they are able to do so, but no team with LeBron James should be counted out.