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Marc Cuban Roasts American Basketball System, Says Kids Only Know 'How to Taunt and Put Together Mixtapes'


If you want to see an example of just how good European ballers can be, look no further than the Dallas Mavericks, who have two of the biggest names in basketball. Dirk Nowitzki is a legend all by himself and maybe the best euro-player of All-Time. Luka Doncic, meanwhile, is proving to be the brightest young talent the game has today.

Call it luck, or a hunch, but somehow the Mavs ended up with both.

And now, team owner Mac Cuban just can't help himself from sharing what he thinks is the truth between European players and American-grown players.

"It is important because you’re used to people being older than you but I think he just learned how to play basketball and that’s the biggest gift," Cuban told EuroHoops. "When you’re gifted as he is and you actually learn to play the game. If you look at the basketball education of kids starting at 11-years old in Europe and particularly Slovenia which is basketball oriented."

"If we took our best kids and seven years before they are McDonald’s all-American, we sent them over to Slovenia to get an education, the league would be a thousand times better. They just learn how to play basketball while our guys learn how to taunt and put together mixtapes."

Does he have a point? At the very least, we can say that Europe must be doing something right if they're producing guys like Luka, Dragic, and Kristaps. They serve as an example of why the AAU system or American basketball as a whole ruins players.

There are certain things we can change with our system. The case can be made that the NBA's outdated age minimum and the misguided belief in student-athletes is really taking away some of the development in our young basketball stars.

Honestly, I think we just all want to find out how to get more players like Luka. Isn't that what we all want? Good thing Mr. Cuban may have given us the key.