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Marc Gasol's Future In Memphis May Be In Question


As he said to Dionysis Aravantinos on, Marc Gasol loves the Memphis Grizzlies. But he also loves winning. Obviously, the Grizz are in no position to win-now... and it might be an actual issue for a 33-year-old Center with a whole lot left to give.

Have a look:

“Everything started with the injury of Mike Conley. From there, we lost some games, and things did not work. A change of philosophy and not just of a coach was needed. The team was held back. The only way to improve the talent of young players is to make a difference through the NBA Draft since in free agency we were at the limit (salary cap). However, several goals in the season were not linked with mine.”

“My conflict is between my desire to win and my loyalty to Memphis. Memphis believes that I am part of the solution, not the problem. It was part of a learning experience. When looking for a change, you need to find the cause. It occurred in a way that maybe was not the desired one. Thinking about it now, I would have acted differently, but I remain calm. In the end, a business of so many millions of dollars is not decided by one player. The relationship between a player and a coach was not the best in the world… you are right.”

Granted, there's no indication the Grizzlies are close to dealing Gasol. Additionally, Memphis could realistically re-establish themselves as a playoff team, with Mike Conley healthy once again.

Even so, though, it can't be beyond the realm of reality that the Grizzlies could soon consider parting ways with Gasol, or that Gasol might want out in favor of a real shot at a Championship.

With 10 years in the league, nearing his mid-thirties, and existing in an NBA that's no longer valuing big-men, it will be important for Gasol and the Grizzlies to figure out the status of their future.... whatever that might be.