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Marc Stein Reveals If Lakers Don't Trade Russell Westbrook Before Training Camp, It Will Have A Negative Effect On The Team: "It Will Create Intense Awkwardness Behind The Scenes."

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Over the last few weeks, most headlines have been full of news about Kyrie Irving's potential trade to the Los Angeles Lakers. Although Kyrie was linked to the Lakers for a long time, the rumors really caught fire after Kevin Durant shockingly demanded a trade out of the Brooklyn Nets.

KD's trade request meant the Nets are already preparing for a rebuild, and in order to do that, they need to trade Kyrie Irving as well to get good assets in return. After weeks of speculation, it seems like Irving is closer than ever to a move to the L.A. Lakers.

If the Lakers want to complete this trade, they need to include Russell Westbrook in a trade package. Since Russ had a very underwhelming 2021-22 NBA season, the franchise is not reluctant at trading the former NBA MVP.

But there is still a chance that the deal could fall out. This could lead to the team being forced to start their new season with Russell Westbrook playing point guard for them. The issue is that Russ has been hearing these rumors about him being traded over the last few weeks.

Despite the rumors, if he is forced to play for the Lakers, it could have a very negative impact on the team's chemistry. NBA analyst Marc Stein believes that and revealed what's going on in Westbrook's mind.

Russ has heard the noise about trade talks and it could create a conundrum if Irving isn't traded by training camp.

Russ is a strong minded person and will do his best to play better if it so happens that he's still on the team, but it will create intense awkwardness behind the scenes.

Marc Stein "heavily" believes a Kyrie trade to the Lakers gets done. In previous trade talks with other teams, they didn't want to add picks and they didn't want to buy him out.

Stein says both LeBron and Kyrie want the reunion "badly", and that Russ returning to the Lakers would be an untenable situation because of all of the noise of trade talks.

Russell Westbrook was definitely an amazing player to watch during the prime of his career. But over the last few seasons, he has declined a lot. On top of that, he has a humongous contract so trading him is a very difficult task.

But if the Lakers throw in a few picks along with Russ in a trade package for Kyrie Irving, that could get the job done. Will the Lakers do that? The situation will be clear in the coming days.