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Marc Stein Says Suns Won't Help The Lakers By Trading Chris Paul

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Chris Paul and the Phoenix Suns are facing a major crossroads this offseason.

They're coming off losing in the NBA Finals after being up 2-0 and, even though not many people thought they were for real at first, it's pretty obvious that they have something special going on.

Then again, some rumors claim that Chris Paul would like to take his talents elsewhere given the opportunity, with Magic Johnson going as far as to say that he should be calling LeBron James to join forces with him in the Los Angeles Lakers - that's not tampering, right?

Nonetheless, insider Marc Stein believes that there's just no way the Phoenix Suns agree to trade his expiring contract to a direct division rival:

“If the Suns are losing Chris Paul the last team they want to help is the Los Angeles Lakers," Stein said.

Even so, the Suns could be forced to facilitate a trade to whichever team Paul chooses, as he's got a player option and could opt-out of the final year of his deal.

Giving up on those $44 million would allow Paul to sign a multi-year deal elsewhere, with the Lakers and New York Knicks as the more likely destinations according to the latest rumors.

Even so, some believe that Paul would be wise to just run it back with the Suns. At the end of the day, injuries or no injuries, they were two wins away from winning a ring, which is the further he's ever gone in his career.

The clock is ticking on Paul and he could choose to ring-chase as many other veterans do. At this point, it would be hard to blame him.

But, hopefully, he'll decide to do it the hard way, as this Phoenix Suns group was just too special to be a one-year wonder.