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Marcin Gortat: "Suns Is The Worst Organization I've Ever Played For, It Was A Big Brothel On Wheels"



The Phoenix Suns have been in a bad way for years. They haven't made the playoffs since 2010, and hold one of the worst win-loss records in the past decade. And, according to a former Suns big man Marcin Gortat, they run a very disorganized franchise.

(via the Kamil Chanas podcast)

"From a basketball standpoint it was great but when it comes to everything else Suns is the worst organization I've ever played for and they can quote me - it was a big brothel on wheels and to this day I think it hasn't changed because some people working there should never manage this team."

To clarify, Gortat wasn't calling the Suns a literal "brothel." "Brothel on wheels" is just a direct translation of polish idiom which means a total lack of organization, or chaos. Basically Gortat is confirming what we all already knew.

The Suns are dysfunctional and chaotic, and it's a part of their culture.

Gortat blames the leadership up top, saying there are folks there and in charge who probably shouldn't be. Whatever the truth is regarding that narrative, it's clear that the Suns need to change direction.

Hopefully, Devin Booker and DeAndre Ayton will help usher it in/