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Marcin Gortat Turned Down Offer From Bucks, Wants To Join The Warriors

Credit: NBA

Credit: NBA

Marcin Gortat was recently released by the Clippers in order for the team to make room for Ivica Zubac, and he is currently on the market. The Polish center is interested in one team: The Golden State Warriors.

Although Gortat has received offers from the Bucks and other teams, he has turned them down to focus rather on joining the Warriors. Gortat would speak on the situation:

“I already have my years, but I feel really good physically and if I was my own agent, I would strongly recommend Golden State Warriors.”

The report about Gortat was released by the Polish media outlet Sportowe Fakty, who released the statement that “The Polish center, who is currently at his home in Orlando, is interested only in the Warriors.”

It’s pretty clear that Gortat wants to join the Warriors, and the Warriors have one roster spot open after Patrick McCaw left for the Cavaliers. Although the Warriors have been interested in Robin Lopez, the Bulls center has not shown interest in leaving the Portland squad.

The Warriors could use could use the veteran experience of Gortat on their bench where their talent begins to thin. However, Gortat is not the player he used to be. The 35-year-old center is averaging 5 points a game this season. Though he is not the peak player he was on the Wizards, the Warriors could still use his veteran savvy on the bench.

Between Gortat or Lopez, the Warriors need help at the center position to back up DeMarcus Cousins. Although the Warriors have a great starting line-up, their backups don’t consist of much other than Shaun Livingston and Andre Iguodala and fall especially short at the center position.

Gortat is clearly interested in winning a championship at this stage in his career which is clearly displayed by his persistence on joining the warriors. The former Wizards star is already passed the peak of his career and approaching 36 years-old. This may be his last chance to snag a ring.