Marcus Morris Commented On Post About James Johnson Being Called Luka Doncic’s Bodyguard In Dallas

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One of Dallas' biggest offseason moves was the acquisition of 11-year NBA veteran James Johnson, who also happens to be a second-degree black belt with undefeated records in the MMA and kickboxing. While not a major player on the offensive end, he's known as somewhat of an enforcer by the NBA community, and he's been brought to Dallas with the expectation he'll be that type of player for Luka Doncic and company.

Clippers forward Marcus Morris apparently agrees with that assessment, confirming the whole "enforcer" and "bodyguard" rhetoric in a comment on a post by NBA Buzz.

If you don't remember, Morris and Luka have some history.

In last season's Western Conference playoffs, Morris was caught committing a couple of questionable and border-line dirty plays towards Doncic. At the time, it (unsurprisingly) caught a lot of negative attention.

Needless to say, the Mavs want to make sure nobody messes with Luka again, and Johnson is certainly a guy that can help in that regard.

As for Morris, he seems to have taken note of the entire thing -- but we'll see how things go the next time he's paired against Luka.