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Marcus Morris Makes A Startling Discovery Regarding LeBron James’ Previous Defenders This Postseason


LeBron James has been absolutely balling during this 2018 playoff run. His amazing play has kept the Cavs alive this far... but will it be enough against the Celtics?

Not only is Boston well-rounded, but they’ve also seemingly found a way to slow down LeBron James. In game 1, he had just 15 points on 31% shooting... by far his worst performance of the postseason. And as his primary defender, Boston’s Marcus Morris deserves some credit.

Apparently, Morris did some research before the series started, and observed how LeBron’s previous defenders played on him.

Here’s the conclusion he drew: “Them dudes can’t guard. That’s what I did pick up.”

Granted, their defensive showing (or lack thereof) doesn’t exactly disprove Morris’ statement.

But it seems like there should be more than a game played before Marcus Morris gets too confident about his defense on the best player in the world. Because as we’ve seen for years, he has an uncanny way of responding under the biggest pressure.