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Marcus Morris On Jae Crowder: "He's Got A Lot Of Female Tendencies On The Court, Flopping And Throwing His Head Back... He's Soft, Very Woman-like"

Marcus Morris On Jae Crowder He's Got A Lot Of Female Tendencies On The Court, Flopping And Throwing His Head Back...He's Soft, Very Woman-like

The New York Knicks just can't catch a break. Besides their terrible season, it seems like every time one of their players addresses the media they just look worse.

This time the one to blame was Marcus Morris, who spat some misogynist comments towards Jae Crowder, claiming he was 'soft' and 'woman-like' because he had 'female tendencies on the court':

"He's got a lot of female tendencies on the court, flopping and throwing his head back...he's soft, very woman-like", Morris said following his team's loss to the Memphis Grizzlies.

Crowder stole the ball from Elfrid Payton and knock down a three-pointer with a few seconds left on a blowout loss, Payton then committed a hard foul on Crowder that started a bit of a brawl between both teams, leading to Morris' comments.

Jae then went on to fire back via Twitter, claiming the only way he knew how to play the game was with that kind of intensity:

"AYE TIM WITH ALL DUE RESPECT I ONLY PLAY ONE WAY AND THATS HARD TIL THE BUZZER SOUNDS. IM SORRY IF IT DISGUSTS YOU. I KNOW KNICKS ARE YOUR TEAM BUT U SHOULD TELL THEM TO PLAY HARDER AND LESS TALKING.!🤷🏾‍♂️", Crowder replied to ESPN's Timothy Legler, who also called him out for attempting a three with the score already settled.

Needless to say, Morris faced a lot of criticism in social media for his comments and later apologized via Twitter for the words he used to describe Crowder's game:

I apologize for using the term “female tendencies” I have the upmost respect for women and everything they mean to us. It was a Heat of the moment response and I never intended for any Women to feel as though in anyway I’m disrespecting them. Again I apologize with my comments," Morris said.

It's wrong to say being 'soft' is something inherently female, especially within a league that's constantly trying to push for equal rights.