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Marcus Morris On Kawhi Leonard And Paul George: “They Don’t B*tch Or Moan About Anything”

kawhi pg morris

The Los Angeles Clippers tied their first-round playoffs series against the Dallas Mavericks on Sunday night. Another good performance confirmed they aren't done just yet after dominating the Mavs in Game 4. 

After returning from a 19-point deficit on Friday, the Californians got a comfortable 106-81 win over Luka Doncic and co. Kawhi Leonard and Paul George combined 49 points in a very good night for their team.

Prior to the game, Marcus Morris had warned people about these two. After the Clippers showed signs of life following Game 3, the twin brother said that the duo wasn't afraid of anything, they didn't get sensitive over people's comments and only wanted to show they can lead this team to the promised land. 

"Those guys are killers man. No matter what's being said in the media or the outside world, those guys come in, work their ass off every single day. They don't b*tch and moan about anything. They come out and do their job," Morris said after the pair combined for 65 points in Game 3. 

Well, the situation has gotten a lot better for the Clippers in the past two games. They played great basketball, leaving the Mavs without an answer. So now they're headed back to Los Angeles, where they'll try to get a huge win in Game 5 to en route this series in their favor. 

When fans believed they were going to suffer a worse fate than last year, Tyronn Lue's team fired back, and they look like that dangerous squad they were during the regular season. 

As long as they have Leonard and George playing at this level, this team will have a chance to compete and beat anybody in the West.