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Marcus Morris Trolls Boston Celtics After Awful Shooting Night: "S**t, A Lot Of Them Was Wide Open"

Marcus Morris Trolls Boston Celtics After Awful Shooting Night: "S**t, A Lot Of Them Was Wide Open"

The Boston Celtics had themselves a historic night for all the wrong reasons during their 91-82 loss against the Los Angeles Clippers. Their shooting from beyond the arc was incredibly poor, and they made just 4 out of 42 attempted three-pointers on the night. 

The Clippers were able to take control of the game and doom Boston to another loss in a losing season so far, but Marcus Morris still found time to take some parting shots at their expense after the game was over. 

Speaking after the game, Morris was in disbelief at the sort of shots the Celtics had been missing during the contest.

“Sh*t, when I looked up, I was like ‘god damn.’ A lot of them was open too. No knock to them, but shit, I would’ve never missed that many wide open. That’s all I can say.”

It was a terrible performance from the Celtics on Wednesday night, something even NBA fans on Reddit trolled them for. The C's hardly shot well from the field either, making just 35 of their 101 attempts overall, which is less than 35%. 

Morris himself had quite the night, leading the Clips in scoring in the absence of superstar Paul George. The power forward recorded 23 points on the night and made it a double-double by adding 10 rebounds as well. 

He wasn't particularly great from three-point range on the night either, making 0 of his 5 tries from range. He should hardly be one to talk in this scenario, but he does have a 37% 3-point percentage for the season. 

The Celtics will need to rebound quickly so they don't fall out of the playoff picture entirely, currently level in terms of record with the 11th seed Toronto Raptors. Shooting nights like these cannot continue and Jaylen Brown in particular has to really step his game up.