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Marcus Smart And Ime Udoka React To Jaylen Brown's 50 Point Night

Marcus Smart And Ime Udoka React To Jaylen Brown's 50 Point Night

As one of the best young stars in the league, everybody knows what Jaylen Brown can do offensively. But tonight, he shocked the world with a 50-point explosion that forever marked his place in Celtics history.

More importantly, it gave the Celtics a much-needed victory.

.“We needed to win. No way we could have lost this game. It wouldn’t have been good,” said Brown.

The Celtics have been a model of inconsistency all season long, never sustaining a high level of play for very long and constantly blowing leads late into games.

Their most recent win could be evidence of that norm starting to change. According to Marcus Smart, all that was needed was a bit of composure.

“We let the game come to us," Smart said. "It wasn’t pretty. It was a little ugly. But we came out with the win and that’s because we kept our composure and we kept with it.”

Head coach Ime Udoka also chimed in to speak on the night, offering his own take on how everything played out.

“We got a little careless there. We were playing really fast and a little reckless at times and let them get back into the game, but overall we showed growth," Boston coach Ime Udoka said. “We’ve lost quite a few of those this year and got out there defensively and got what we wanted towards the end of the game.”

Earlier this season, the Celtics were undergoing some major drama after Marcus Smart called out Brown and Jayson Tatum for not passing the ball.

At the time, it drew a lot of criticism, and many gave up on the team then.

Over the past few months, Boston has struggled to show they can be a real contender, but they have shown flashes of greatness.

Given some time to get right and get on the same page, they could have a few surprises up their sleeve.