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Marcus Smart Goes On Huge Locker Room Tirade After Loss To Heat

(via Basketball Forever)

(via Basketball Forever)

Down 0-2 to the Miami Heat, the Celtics are fighting an uphill battle for the rest of this series.

Jimmy Butler and his Heat team dominated for most of the night, and it certainly looks as if they're the better team following their second straight victory. The Celtics are talented and deep with many weapons, but they're young, inexperienced, and might not be ready for the stage that is the NBA Finals.

Worse still, starting guard Marcus Smart might have let his emotions go too far in the locker room, as reports indicate a major ruckus from the team after the game, which included cursing, screaming, and objects being thrown across the room.

For anyone that knows Marcus as a basketball player, he's one of those players that wears his heart on his sleeve. He plays emotional and isn't afraid to call out his guys if he feels they need a spark. Could this just be one of Marcus' attempts to galvanize the troops?

It is certainly possible -- but it's also worth noting that Marcus wasn't the only one speaking up. According to the reports, more than one player was involved in the exchange. Emotions seem to be running high for many on the team right now.

The good news is, Boston is only down 0-2, so a comeback is not out of the question. But if the locker room ruckus tonight was anything more than just postgame frustration, however, it could linger throughout the rest of this series, and maybe even through next season.

Let's hope the Celtics get into the right mindset ahead of Game 3.