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Marcus Smart Opens Up On When He Learned About Having The Coronavirus

Marcus Smart

(via Uproxx)

Since Rudy Gobert's diagnosis, multiple other players around the league have tested positive for COVID-19.

One of those players is Celtics guard Marcus Smart, who recently issued a statement on what the whole situation has been like for him.

"When they told me I had Coronavirus, I was like. 'oh wow.' It definitely really makes you alert to what's going on and the situation at hand."

He also made sure to urge all Americans to take the threat seriously.

"Take it seriously. Be positive,” Smart said. “I’m OK. I’m going to be OK. But definitely be alert to what’s going on and take the precautions to protect yourself. By protecting yourself, you’re protecting others.”

While it's unknown how Smart got exposed, the virus is pretty much everywhere at this point. With the case numbers rising every day, some estimate that almost 40% of all Americans will contract the virus.

Now more than ever, we need to remain vigilant, wash our hands, and practice social distancing. Smart seems to have the right idea about it.