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Marcus Smart Says He And Malcolm Brogdon Are A Perfect Fit: "He Allows Me To Be The Better Version Of Myself."

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Malcolm Brogdon is a solid combo guard that is well-known for his shooting, playmaking, and ballhandling, doing a little bit of everything offensively. Last season, Malcolm Brogdon averaged 19.1 PPG, 5.1 RPG, and 5.9 APG for the Indiana Pacers.

This summer, Malcolm Brogdon was traded to the Boston Celtics. There is no doubt that his addition will help the team offensively, and Brogdon notably said that he sees himself relieving some of the pressure on Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown.

"I think I can just relieve pressure. Whether that's touching the paint, getting 'em easy shots. Whether that's guarding players that they need a break on the defensive end [against] so they can focus on offense.

"But [mostly], being a steady presence on the floor that can help control the end of games, that can help control the flow of the game to make sure that they're getting the ball in their spots, [so] they're never having to overdo it to get a look or run their bodies into the ground. I want to be that guy that can create for 'em."

The Boston Celtics' offense struggled to get easy shots in the fourth quarter at times, and Malcolm Brogdon should be able to help the Boston Celtics rectify that issue going forward.

Marcus Smart Thinks He And Malcolm Brogdon Will Work Well Together

In a recent interview, CLNS Media asked Marcus Smart about the Celtics' acquisition of Malcolm Brogdon. Smart revealed that he's actually known Brogdon for quite some time and revealed that Brogdon is going to be a "perfect fit" next to him in the backcourt.  (5:30)

“My girlfriend is actually really good friends with his brother’s girlfriend, so I’ve kind of known Malcolm for a while and (he’s a) cool guy,” Smart said. “I love his game. I love everything he brings. When I’m playing against him, I love it, I’m constantly talking to him. Just the challenge that he brings, he allows me to be the better version of myself. I think it’s a perfect fit. He provides some of the things that we’re going to need and it definitely takes pressure off of me, Jayson and Jaylen.”

If Marcus Smart is any indication, it seems as though Celtics players are definitely excited to have Malcolm Brogdon on the roster. He is a player that is highly regarded across the league, so this is no surprise.

There is no doubt that Malcolm Brogdon will take some of the scoring and playmaking pressure off Marcus Smart, which will allow Smart to focus on defense, which is his strong suit. Obviously, things that look good on paper don't always work out, but it definitely looks as though Marcus Smart is excited for a new guard that fits well with his talents.