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Marcus Smart Says He's "On Another Level" Than Patrick Beverley

(via The Boston Globe)

(via The Boston Globe)

Boston's Marcus Smart is the definition of a "late bloomer." After five full seasons in the NBA, Smart is just now finally starting to become a consistent and reliable scorer. He is averaging a career-high 12 points on 35% shooting from deep.

But the offensive game has never been Smart's allure. It's been on defense where the 6-3 guard has really made his mark.

He has always been recognized as elite in that area, and Marcus himself has taken it a step further. As he told Gary Washburn in a locker-room interview, Smart believes he is another level above the NBA's most well-known stopper, Patrick Beverley.

"You put me heads up against Pat I think we know who’d win that battle. I think my play speaks for itself. I’m not saying Pat’s not a good ball player, good defender, but I’m just on another level right now.”

It is true that Smart's defensive talents have been widely underrated by the community. You can certainly make a case that he is a better all-around defender than even Pat Beverley.

Beverley had actually dismissed Smart’s tenacity following LA’s 107-104 Thursday night win against the visiting Boston Celtics. But now, people are starting to wonder who really is King when it comes to defensive-minded point guards.