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Mario Chalmers Said Dwyane Wade, Not LeBron James, Is The Best Leader He's Ever Played With



LeBron James wasn't always the proven, experienced, unquestioned champion we know him as now. Before he joined the Lakers, before won his rings, he was just a kid with a lot of talent who still had a lot to prove.

After years of subpar postseason performances in Cleveland, Bron went to Miami in hopes of finally adding a few titles to his resume. We know now that he was able to accomplish a lot with that franchise, and Dwyane Wade probably deserves some credit for that.

You see, James was the Heat's best player but it doesn't mean he was their leader. According to Mario Chalmers, who started at point guard during that era, Wade was the one who had the reigns. Chalmers went so far as to say he was the best leader he has ever played with.

Alex Kennedy on the HoopsHype Podcast:

“D-Wade,” answered Chalmers on the best leader he’s played with.

Eventually, Wade willingly gave up the mantle when LeBron was ready to take it. By the time he joined Cleveland in 2014, he had learned what it meant to be a winner and a leader and it showed all throughout his tenure in Cleveland and even into his current stint with L.A.

As for Wade, his maturity and level-headedness have been revered and it seems nobody has ever had a problem with him in the locker room.

It seems like he just doesn't get enough credit for his role in "The Big Three" era. Perhaps that should change...