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Mark Cuban Fires Back At Luka Doncic's Critics: "F**k you, Zach Lowe... You Don't Know S**t."

Credit: AFP

Credit: AFP

Dallas Mavericks' owner Mark Cuban has come in Luka Doncic's defense after the young player was under heavy criticism for the past couple of weeks. The Mavs haven't had the best start to the season so far and seeing how great Doncic was last year, he's taking all the blame for the struggles.

Recently, ESPN's Zach Lowe called Doncic a "whiner", something that didn't sit well with anybody within the Mavericks organization. After having a terrific sophomore season, Doncic was considered the biggest favorite to win the MVP award this season but things haven't gone in his favor so far.

“Luka has become one of the biggest whiners in the NBA. It’s constant, every time he drives he is whining. He spent so much energy whining to the referees and slumping his shoulders to teammates, it sucked the life of the team many times," Lowe said.

Mark Cuban certainly didn't like those comments and he fired back and Lowe, using big words to shut the reporter and defend his star player. The 62-year-old joined Cari Champion and Jemele Hill’s show on VICE TV, where he defended Luka and his passion for the Dallas Mavericks. An extract of one mail sent to media reads:

"'F*ck you, Zach Lowe... You don't know shit', before defending Doncic's passion for the team."

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Cuban has always been there for the player, defending him against anybody who tries to bring him down and showing his support and admiration for the 21-year-old. The Slovenian player is ready to turn things around with the struggling Mavericks and prove all the doubters wrong.