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Mark Cuban: 'Michael Jordan Would Average 40 Points Per Game In Today's NBA'

Michael Jordan

If you're an NBA fan, you must definitely have a favorite player, a guy you grew up watching, looking forward to and trying to replicate your game to.

For some, that's Julius Erving, for others, it could be Kobe Bryant, LeBron James or even Tim Duncan, but for most people around the world, that's Michael Jordan.

However, some modern basketball fans have claimed Jordan wouldn't be as dominant today as he was back in the day, as he wasn't much of a three-point shooter and the game has changed a lot over the last 20 years.

But, if you're one of the fans that actually believe that, please never say a word to Mark Cuban, as the Dallas Mavericks' owner is a die-hard Jordan fan and thinks he would've been even better nowadays:

"Michael Jordan in today’s NBA will kill it. His body’s going to be fresher every night not having Charles Oakley or Rick Mahorn knocking him on his a** every time he went into the lane. His challenge would have been how to shoot the three better and he would have done that just like how most guys in today’s game have improved their three. He would be averaging 40 in today’s game," the venture capitalist told The Dan Patrick Show.

Jordan's athletic treats wouldn't be out of date today. He'd still be one of the most athletic players in the world, and his craftiness to get to the paint would get him a lot of easy buckets.

Moreover, Jordan averaged just 8.2 free throw attempts per game over his career on a much more physical era when players literally hacked him on the way to the rim.

Referees nowadays aren't that permissive and he'd get 15, 16, 20 free throws per game easily nowadays. Also, his competitive nature and intangibles are things you just can't teach, and a player like him would thrive regardless of the era.

Check the conversation between Cuban and Dan Patrick in the video below (the statement starts at 6:20).