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Mark Cuban Reveals He Bought Mavericks 6 Weeks After Attending A Game And Thinking He Can Do Better At Running The Franchise

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Mark Cuban

Mark Cuban is the governor of the Dallas Mavericks. He is a successful businessman aside from basketball, and during his tenure as governor, the Mavericks won a championship in 2011.

Recently, Mark Cuban revealed what led him to buy the Mavericks franchise back in 2000. Cuban claimed that he was in the stands and that he was watching the game and thinking he could "do a better job" than what the team was doing at the time. Tom Huddleston Jr. of CNBC relayed the news.

“My seats are right by the Mavs bench… two rows back,” Cuban says. “I was into it and there was nobody there. And, I remember [thinking] ‘I can do a better job than this.’ And then it hit me: ‘Ding, ding, ding! Now, I can afford this stuff!’”

That’s actually an understatement. At the time, Cuban was a newly-minted billionaire who’d sold his internet radio company,, to Yahoo for $5.7 billion just months earlier, in April 1999. Compared to the team’s eventual sale price — $285 million for a majority stake — Cuban had more than enough money to afford the Mavericks.

Cuban felt the Mavericks needed to do a better job not just on the court, but in terms of marketing the players to excite and grow the team’s fan base. He began putting out feelers to buy the team, going through mutual acquaintances to get in touch with then-owner, real estate billionaire Ross Perot Jr. Negotiations moved quickly, and Cuban was announced as the new owner of the team in January 2000, just a few months into the season.

Acquiring the Dallas Mavericks was definitely an astute decision. The NBA has grown as a sport tremendously since the year 2000 and has since become truly globally popular.

Even though the Dirk Nowitzki era of the Dallas Mavericks is over now, the fans and the franchise have a lot to look forward to. Superstar Luka Doncic is now the best player on the team, and Dirk Nowitzki himself had high praise for the Slovenian guard, claiming that Doncic is already better than he was in his prime. Mark Cuban is still as astute as ever as well, and we have seen him make some solid decisions to put the Mavericks in a good position to be a competitive team.

It remains to be seen if the Dallas Mavericks win another title in the near future. However, with the Dallas Mavericks having Mark Cuban at the helm, there's no counting them out.