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Mark Jackson After One Layup: "You Make That Move In My Park, You're Not Going Home"


After having a pretty decent NBA career as a player and becoming the coach of the promising Golden State Warriors from 2011 through 2014, Mark Jackson has become famous for his commentary for ESPN. 

The former point guard always has interesting comments to make during his broadcast. Some are funnier than others, and a group of them have actually left a mark on NBA fans (i.e., "Mama, there goes that man"). 

Jackson has a curious way to see the game, and he showed that in the bubble while calling a Boston Celtics-Miami Heat game in the Eastern Conference Finals in the Walt Disney Resort. After Goran Dragic made a layup that was ruled an offensive foul, Jackson and Jeff Van Gundy had a curious exchange about that play. 

Van Gundy: "That's not an offensive foul. That's a normal layup."

Jackson: "I don't agree with that. You make that move in my park, you're not going home, my friend..."

Van Gundy: "That's a threat. First of all, what kind of park are you living in where death comes due to offensive foul?" 

That's a very valid question. Where did Jackson play that an offensive foul had severe consequences? In the end, they all laugh about it, but Jackson left another big phrase for history. 

Mark is a character, and he's often making this type of comment on live TV. He keeps engaging fans with those colorful remarks, and that doesn't seem to be stopping anytime soon.