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Mark Jackson's Draft Notes About Stephen Curry On ESPN Commercial: "Too Short. Too Slow. With Luck, Maybe A Career In Turkey."

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Mark Jackson and the Golden State Warriors had good moments together. The former head coach developed this team, leaving it in an excellent position to win the NBA championship.

They had some good moments, some funnier than others. Back in 2013, Jackson and Stephen Curry starred in a hilarious sequence on an ESPN commercial. Traveling on the fictional ESPN RV, Curry found Jackson's notebook. He took a look at it, discovering what the coach really thought of him. 

"Too short. Too slow. With luck, maybe a career in Turkey," Steph read in disbelief. 

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This is great to watch, knowing that Curry didn't enter the league with major expectations. People doubted him and didn't believe he could have made a big impact on the association. Still, Curry proved them wrong. 

He changed the game of basketball, becoming one of the most influential players in NBA history and the greatest shooter of all time. Steph is just different, yet he had to work hard to earn his respect. 

Last season he did it again, carrying the Warriors to the play-in tournament, losing two games that left them out of the playoff. Curry has shown his quality during his time in the league, surprising people every year. 

Although Jackson's notes were written as a joke, there's no doubt that plenty of people around the league initially thought that way of Curry. Fortunately, he didn't pay attention to that and worked hard to be where he is right now. 

If you ask me, he would've dominated in Turkey from day 1, becoming the GOAT overseas.