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Markelle Fultz Has Stopped Playing Basketball In An Effort To Fix His Shoulder


The mystery of Markelle Fultz has been going on for some time now.

It all started his Rookie season, when his shooting form had, inexplicably, changed. His shot was so bad, the team essentially shut him down and hid him away for the season.

This year, with the Sixers primed for a postseason run, Fultz was expected to be a big part of their resurgence.

And for the first few games, his play was encouraging.

Sadly, that wickedly ugly form re-appeared and it soon became quite clear that something was very wrong with the guy. Newer reports are claiming it’s a busted up shoulder (as a result of a motorcycle crash he suffered right after the draft) that has caused all this anguish.

It’s this same claim that is behind the disappearance of him again now.

In a report by David Aldridge, the kid has paused all basketball activities to pursue answers.

There’s still so little we know about the situation, and the motorcycle incident has yet to even be confirmed.

But the situation must be serious if Fultz is willing to halt his season just to get it checked out.

Let’s hope he finds the solution he’s looking for.