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Markelle Fultz Reportedly Completely Forgot How To Shoot Last Season


For a number one overall pick on a team that was on the rise in the Eastern Conference, rookie Markelle Fultz had an extremely disappointing year with the 76ers last season.

Fultz only managed to appear in 14 games for the Sixers last season, dealing with a shoulder injury almost all season that completely derailed his rookie year, and even a few of his basketball skills.

Much has been said about Markelle's shooting woes because of his injury, as it was one of the weirdest anomalies we've seen in the NBA. Fultz, who was actually a decent shooter in college, playing for the University of Washington, somehow lost literally all of his shooting touch, and was unable to make jumpers almost all year for some reason. Both his free throw motion and jumpshot looked extremely awkward and clunky, as if he had never picked up a basketball before, and for a number one overall pick, that's definitely not a good thing.

NBA trainer Drew Hanlen, the man tasked with 'fixing' Fultz's jumper, appeared on the Daniel Schmidt Podcast this week, and revealed that Markelle quite literally forgot how to shoot a basketball and that the majority of his issues were all mental, not physical.

"[Markelle] had one of the most documented cases of, kind of, the YIPS of basketball in recent years where he completely forgot how to shoot, and had multiple hitches in his shot."

"I said 'You're going to make me really famous, and you're going to make me a lot of money when I fix your shot and can sell your program. The good news is, I can't go down because it can't get worse'. So I said give me a chance."

Thankfully for Fultz and the 76ers, Hanlen has retaught Markelle how to shoot a basketball, and says that the former number one pick will have a very serviceable jumper by the end of the summer.

"I thought it was going to take me at least 6 weeks before we had a serviceable jump shot. We already started to shoot with a jump in week 2. It's not perfect yet, but I think by the end of the summer it will be perfect."