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Marreese Speights On Stephen Curry's Leadership: "He's Not Going To Talk Like Draymond... He Leads By Example."

LeBron James And Damian Lillard Were In Awe Of Stephen Curry's 45-PT Explosion

Stephen Curry is the best player on the Golden State Warriors. That much is evidenced by his accomplishments and records in the league, as well as his widespread recognition as a 3-time champion and a unanimous MVP.

Despite his basketball ability, Stephen Curry isn't necessarily the most vocal leader on the Golden State Warriors. That honor would go to Draymond Green, who many people view as the heart and soul of the Warriors

However, that doesn't mean that Stephen Curry isn't a good leader, and former teammate Marreese Speights revealed that Stephen Curry is a player that leads "by example" pointing out the point guard's immense work ethic.

Steph is a leader with his game. He will talk some, but he's not going to talk like Draymond or something. He leads by example. Just for me the biggest thing about him being so good and why he's so successful is that he goes hard in practice. He goes hard in individual workouts when somebody guarding him full court.

That's the thing I peeped when I first seen him, we just had a 2 hour practice, 2 and a half practice, but he'll stay after for 45-50 minutes going full speed with somebody guarding him 1 on 1. When he be hitting all those shots and making crazy shots, guys who know him, who be around him every day are not surprised.

He basically go hard after practice... The work ethic he has, it's like a robot. He knows what he's gonna do, and that's why nobody surprised about his success who been in that program. They see how hard he works, they see how he takes care of his body.

The work that Stephen Curry has put in clearly paid off over the course of his career, and he will forever be known as an all-time great that changed the game with his style of play. His legacy is cemented forever.

The Golden State Warriors have been good this year, and are currently 8-1 and 1st in the Western Conference. That has come with Stephen Curry in a bit of a shooting slump, as he is shooting 42% from the field and only 37% from beyond the arc, both below his career averages. When Stephen Curry gets back to normal though, the Golden State Warriors will be even more dangerous, and perhaps we'll see the team continue their great play as the season goes on.