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Marreese Speights Says LeBron James Is Not In The Same Category As Michael Jordan: 'That’s Disrespecting The Career MJ Had.'

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Fadeaway World

Marreese Speights became one of the most famous names in the NBA earlier this week when he shared a picture criticizing LeBron James for winning four NBA titles in 10 attempts, stating that people used to celebrate three-peats instead of winning a championship in that many attempts. LeBron's fans were quick to attack Speights, reminding him that he didn't have that big career to be talking about Bron like that and more.

Speights tried to clarify things saying he had the biggest respect for LeBron, one of the best players to ever do it, and that he didn't mean to offend anybody. However, that wasn't enough and Speights shared a lengthy article about this whole team, trying to explain his point of view on the GOAT debate, while still taking jabs at LeBron. He wrote in a piece for Basketball News that Michael Jordan was the greatest player to ever live, but that debate was really annoying at this point.

First of all, I didn't make the graphic with MJ and Kobe. I just shared it. I want to make that clear.

Now, I'm a little bit older. I'm an ‘80s baby, so I kinda grew up watching Michael Jordan play. The reason I tweeted that is because it feels like the younger generation is disrespecting and forgetting the older players who paved the way, especially MJ. For me, being an NBA player and watching him as I was growing up, you can't do that, bro. That's disrespecting the game.

I'm not taking nothing away from LeBron. When LeBron is done playing, he will be one of the top-three or top-two greatest players of all-time. But you cannot disrespect these older guys like MJ and Kobe Bryant. Those guys really worked on their game, and their NBA Finals record shows that. Bron went to the Finals in nine of 10 seasons. Cool. But MJ went to the Finals and won the shit six outta six times! Kobe won five of seven times! You know what I mean? So let's keep that respect on MJ and Kobe's name. Don't try to bring them down to boost up LeBron. You can't do that. These younger guys need to stop disrespecting the older players.

Mo also discussed his top 3 players of all time, making it clear that Jordan and Kobe are his favorites ahead of King James.

LeBron puts in a lot of work and has had an excellent career, but MJ and Kobe are ahead of him, in my opinion. As of right now, my order is Michael Jordan at No. 1, Kobe Bryant at No. 2 and LeBron James at No. 3. That’s as of right now.

I was able to play against Kobe and LeBron, so I know what it’s like to face those guys. LeBron is a people person; he loves everybody. Kobe was somewhat personable, but Kobe was a killer on the court. When you’re on the court with Kobe, the energy is different. Kobe is out there to kill. He wants to win at all costs. It's like a serial killer being in the room; you know he's in the room and you feel it. LeBron is a beast; he's the best athlete who ever played the game of basketball. But if we’re talking about mindset, Kobe Bryant was a killer, man. That's a killer, just like MJ was a killer. They would intimidate their opponent and get in their head.

I think the LeBron vs. MJ stuff is annoying as hell. You can't really compare these guys right now, man. That’s disrespecting the career that Jordan had. At this point, I don't think you can compare the two. I don't think you could put them in the same category right now. When Bron's career is over, then we can go back and talk about that. When a guy is still playing, you can't say, “He's the best player to ever play the game.” You can't do that. Everybody has their own opinion, but some people have never played the game of basketball or touched the court and you can tell. You cannot put that man in the same category as MJ right now. When his career is over, that’s a whole different story. But right now, while he's still playing, you can't do that.

As you can see, Speights has a clear favorite here. He is an admirer of Michael Jordan and until LeBron finishes his career and can present all his credentials, Speights will have the Chicago Bulls as the GOAT, followed by the late Kobe Bryant.