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Mary J Blige Shares A Photo With Michael Jordan And Vanessa Bryant From The 2022 All-Star Event

Mary J Blige Shares A Photo With Michael Jordan And Vanessa Bryant From The 2022 All-Star Event

The NBA's All-Star Weekend is always an incredibly fun event, a time when the biggest stars in the NBA come together midseason to celebrate the league and everything they can accomplish playing the game of basketball at the highest level. This draws several stars and celebrities from outside the world of sports as well, as they come to witness the spectacle provided by the various contests and of course, the All-Star Game. 

This year in Cleveland was even more special, thanks to the league celebrating the 75th anniversary of its inception. The NBA's 75th Anniversary team being honored meant that many of the greatest to ever do it were present for the occasion, making it even more star-studded than it usually is. 

The likes of Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Shaquille O'Neal, were all present and in attendance, which made it an even more attractive event for celebrities outside the sport. Machine Gun Kelly and Jack Harlow were a part of the Celebrity game, and fresh off her contribution to an epic Super Bowl halftime show, so was Mary J. Blige. This meant several brilliant pictures were snapped across the weekend, and Mary J herself shared some amazing ones with various greats of the game.

(Swipe in the post below to see the rest of the pictures including the one with Michael Jordan and Vanessa Bryant)

Legends like Allen Iverson, Spike Lee and Dwyane Wade can all be seen with her in her Instagram post, but arguably the highlight is a picture with Michael Jordan and Vanessa Bryant, the late Kobe Bryant's wife. To see her with MJ and another icon like Mary J is heartwarming as it's an example of the outpouring of support she has received following the tragic passing of Kobe and Gigi. 

Jordan himself doesn't always attend a lot of public events, but he was jovial and cheerful throughout the weekend as he spent time with the stars from his era and the stars of the current generation. He even enjoyed a wholesome moment with LeBron James. His presence still means a lot to those impacted by his legacy and events like these show exactly how much the NBA influences culture and vice versa.